German intelligence agency is using NFTs to attract cybersecurity talent

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The German intelligence agency — Bundesnachrichtendienst  (BND) — has launched an NFT collection called Dogs of BND to attract people proficient in blockchain and web3 technology as part of a recruitment drive.

The agency has gamified the campaign and locked access to the collection behind a “cyber treasure hunt” and invited German citizens above the age of 13 to participate through its Instagram community.

People who wish to mint an NFT in the collection have to participate in the treasure hunt and find a string of characters hidden by the BND.

According to the agency’s website, the string could be a wallet address, transaction hash, block, or token number. Players must “research or track down” the correct data to find clues that will give them access to the collection.

Dogs of BND

The BND said NFTs were an “obvious” choice to find cybersecurity talent in the web3 space and have the bonus of serving as a collectible for its community members, German crypto news outlet BTC Echo reported.

The Dogs of BND collection features a dog with various characteristics in the traditional style of NFTs. The collection has 999 individual NFTs — however, only 987 can be minted by players who win access to the collection.

Each NFT was launched at a symbolic floor price of 0.000001 ETH (Ethereum) and will be available as long as it takes players to mint all 987 pieces, according to the website.

The floor price of the NFTs had climbed to 0.06 ETH as of press time.

The collection was built on Ethereum using the ERC-1155 standard, which has drawn criticism from the crypto community for being outdated.

The community also called out the collection’s artwork for its computer-generated nature and being overly simplistic.

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