Coca Cola HBC to use Solana-based ALL ART verification system for staff qualifications

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Coca-Cola HBC, a leading bottling partner for the Coca-Cola Company, is leveraging blockchain technology to revamp its internal certificate verification process, partnering with Solana-based platform ALL.ART. Coca-Cola HBC has adopted a secure blockchain system for issuing and verifying employee qualifications obtained through its Coca-Cola Digital Academy training program.

The move allows participants to receive and share verifiable digital certificates as NFTs on the Solana blockchain or through social media channels. This addresses a fundamental weakness of traditional certificates, which are vulnerable to forgery and alteration. By storing qualifications on the blockchain, Coca-Cola HBC ensures their authenticity and immutability.

Milan Topolic, Technology Innovation Manager at Coca-Cola HBC, sees this as a significant step forward: “The ability to issue verifiable blockchain-powered certificates has significantly enhanced the value and recognition of our Digital Academy training programs,” he stated.

The partnership highlights the growing potential of blockchain applications beyond consumer-facing initiatives. By utilizing ALL.ART’s certification platform,, Coca-Cola HBC aims to streamline skill verification and facilitate ongoing employee development tracking. Vitomir Jevremovic, Founder of ALL.ART emphasizes the role of metadata:

“High-quality, digitally signed metadata is crucial for integrating new types of digital objects onto the blockchain…. Understanding the object’s significance and ensuring its issuance is verified and certified on the blockchain is vital for achieving the trust that blockchain technology promises.”

The initiative addresses several critical challenges in the traditional certification space, including preventing fraudulent qualification claims and supporting lifelong learning and global accessibility. By ensuring that certificates recorded on the blockchain remain unalterable and counterfeit-proof, the solution offers a robust answer to the ease with which traditional certificates can be forged or altered.

This collaboration offers a glimpse into the future of blockchain-based credential management, where organizations can securely track various qualifications, attendance records, and reward systems as ALL.ART expands its platform.

The ALL.ART project and NFT marketplace SolSea has previously partnered with companies within the Coca-Cola ecosystem following an NFT collaboration with Coca-Cola Serbia in 2023.

The latest project by Coca-Cola HBC and ALL.ART demonstrates a practical application of blockchain technology within a large-scale corporate setting. It signals a growing interest among businesses to harness the benefits of trust, transparency, and immutability blockchain technology offers to streamline critical operations.

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