CoinList’s spring 2024 batch shines a spotlight on next-gen crypto projects

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CoinList, a leading Web3 launchpad platform, has selected ten promising crypto projects for its 2024 spring batch Seed projects, according to an April 2 statement shared with CryptoSlate.

The projects were selected from over 350 applicants vying for inclusion in the Seed list with notable alumni like Injective Protocol, Biconomy, Mystiko, and Rabbithole.

According to the firm:

“Seed was originally designed as a private fundraising platform, [but] one common point of feedback we’ve heard from projects is that visibility, not capital, is the most scarce resource for crypto projects.”

Consequently, CoinList Seed has undergone a significant transformation, partnering with Lattice, an early-stage venture fund, to shift its focus from a fundraising-centric model to one emphasizing sustainable growth.

2024 Seed projects

The latest list comprises Aarc, Earn Alliance, Grove, Plato Protocol, Pocket Universe, Sleepagotchi, Spaces Protocol, Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol, Unstable Protocol, and

Each project brings a unique value proposition to the table. For instance, Aarc aims to facilitate borderless decentralized applications (dApps) through its modular layer, while Earn Alliance is poised to disrupt the gaming industry with its web3 gaming aggregator.

Grove offers a platform for cashless investments using illiquid assets, while Plato Protocol introduces an innovative Eat2Earn concept. Meanwhile, Pocket Universe focuses on Web3 fraud detection, and Sleepagotchi presents an NFT-powered gaming experience centered around sleep.

Spaces Protocol enables the creation of scalable identities on the Bitcoin network, while the Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol bridges the gap between climate-conscious investors and Bitcoin. Unstable Protocol offers a leverage layer for restaked ETH, while introduces a blockchain-based platform for tracking and trading luxury watches.

Although some of these projects have already launched, their inclusion in the CoinList Seed platform promises increased exposure and visibility to CoinList’s extensive network of over 10 million crypto adopters.

Additionally, they stand to enjoy other benefits like access to CoinList’s network of founders, discounts on select CoinList products, and hands-on support from Lattice.

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