Newconomics Podcast launches with insightful discussions on the future of blockchain and Web3

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The Newconomics events organization has launched a new podcast, offering an in-depth look at the rapidly evolving world of blockchain, crypto, and the emerging web3 landscape. The Newconomics Podcast, hosted by Megan Carnegie and Hervé Larren, promises to deliver bi-weekly episodes that explore the future of technology and its real-world implications.

Megan Carnegie, a writer, editor, and contributor for publications such as Wired, Courier Media, and the BBC, brings her expertise in blending culture, lifestyle, and the changing nature of work and consumption to the podcast.

Hervé Larren, the founder and CEO of Airvey.oi, a web3 advisory firm, offers his unique perspective as a blockchain early adopter and former crypto miner, as well as his experience as a special council for projects like ApeCoin, Horizen and Decentraland.

The Newconomics Podcast is a platform for us to delve into the stories behind the headlines and unpack the transformative potential of blockchain and web3,” said Megan Carnegie. “We’re excited to bring our listeners insights from industry pioneers and thought leaders who are shaping the future of economics and technology.”

Listeners can expect to hear in-depth conversations with a range of guests, including Alex Fazel, founder of Swissborg, Rob Viglion of Horizen, Alex Chehade, General Manager of Binance, influencer Anastacia Snelleksz, better known as Trade Travel Chill and many more. The podcast will explore topics such as web3 futures, the impact of blockchain on the world of work, and the broader implications of these emerging technologies.

“Blockchain and web3 are not just about cryptocurrency; they’re about redefining the way we think about economics, commerce, and even our daily lives,” said Hervé Larren. “Through the Newconomics Podcast, we aim to educate and inspire our audience to consider the new future of economics and how they can be a part of it.”

As the Newconomics Podcast grows, listeners can look forward to more thought-provoking conversations and insights from the movers and shakers of the blockchain and web3 industries. Stay tuned for the next series, which promises to expand your understanding of the transformative potential of these exciting technologies.

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